Right about now

My last ‘now’ post is a year old, and it’s time to do another. Stock taking in September, why on earth not?

We have been in Didcot for just over 8 years now, and in our house for just under 8. I’m still working for Automattic, and have met my colleagues once now! And then I got covid. Win some, lose some. Still having fun finding my way around the codebase, trying not to break things.

I got my black belt, and have honestly been a little sporadic with attendance at taekwondo sessions since. I have reasons, I’m trying to get over them. I’ve still got a lot of knitting and sewing projects on the go, and I’m trying to get back into drawing. I’ve also started to play just a tiny bit more golf, and although today’s round was pretty disastrous I’m aiming to stick with it this time. Although maybe not December/January! We’ll see.

I’m also still trying to do some kind of run/workout most mornings, and looking to average 5000 steps per day. No that’s not masses, yes there are days I don’t make it. There still aren’t enough hours in the day/I still don’t have enough energy for everything I want to do. I don’t see that changing much if I’m honest.

Clarkie and Ellie on a daytrip to Bristol 2022

Clarkie’s part time job at the golf club turned very much full time. Very much. She’s been working a lot of hours over the summer, which has put time together at something of a premium. Still, she is enjoying the job, and that’s the important bit. She’s also succeeded in getting her handicap down to single figures, which appears to bring its own frustrations but was a big goal.

She’s also been working out with Nerd Fitness, with the aim of changing up her body composition a bit. It seems to be working, and as a fun side effect a golf ball seems to be flying an awful lot further. I think she’s enjoying the workouts too.

The house has a new front door, we’re getting a new washing machine, a plumber is scheduled for November and I have an order in for a solar battery. The garden’s been looking ok this year, although I think some beds need a little renovation. I’ve got a couple of large water butts on the way to try and help with future drought years, and big plans for next year (although I’ve been meaning to take lavender cuttings for 3 weeks now – see previous comment about time/energy).

So that’s where we are right now.


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