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Emergency lighting

It’s dark now when I get back to Didcot station, and it’s a mile and a half from the station to home. I rather foolishly lost my very expensive (but pretty old) Exposure Joystick front light on the train on Friday. I think it came off the folded Brompton when I threw it on the luggage rack, but I didn’t notice until I was outside the station to go home.


So I dug out one of our old front lights to use on Tuesday, but when I put batteries in it it didn’t work. 


But I carry a small torch in my bag, so if I could get that to sit in the (now redundant) light bracket that I still had, I’d still be legal. Only problem was, it was too small for the bracket. 

Cue a moment of brilliance from one Clarkie:

Temporary lighting

That’s a sanitary towel. Yup. 

Well. It got me home?!


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It probably looks better than it is! My team won them at the golf society we're part of, so it probably didn't cost a lot and it isn't all that powerful. Comes in very handy though, and is a good size to carry around.

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